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All Our Flaws and Furies

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Romance
Language: English
“I loved this book! It has a unique depiction of the bond between dragons and riders. It has a tough, determined, kind heroine, and a sweet, scarred, devoted love interest. And two incredible dragons! Okay, lots of dragons, but those paired with our main characters are so wonderful—even their names! Love them so much! This is a gripping read you won’t want to put down, with some seriously swoony romance and an intriguing storyline. And there’s a book that’s set in the same world! I’ll absolutely be checking that out… while hoping for bonus scenes with these characters in some way in the future!”
– Shelby Elizabeth – ARC reviewer

I am not a Dragon Knight and Ailsa is not my dragon.

Hope and healing. Tender as a pink scar, a reset bone, a sliver of trust. A whispered want fanned into blazing desire. Some dreams fall into our outstretched hands, some we strive to grasp with ferocity and shredded palms, some remain glittering stars in a void, a spark of hope ever beyond the touch of our desperate fingers.

Ailsa has her place and so do you. I’ve heard the words enough, but I will not be bent and contained by restrictions of any kind.

Thea’s future is laid out for her as the natural heir to her father’s prized orchards, but she is determined to compete in the annual dragon riding tournament, earning not only a royal invitation to join the ranks of Dragon Knights but proving she is more than the balance of her lineages, more than a farm girl with a shepherding dragon that isn’t hers.

Though she has no dragon and no sponsor, she joins the Idesmoor estate’s competing team as a dragon handler, gaining intimate access to Calagon’s finest dragons and riders including the youngest prince. Darrin may be arrogantly certain of his right to victory, but Thea bears no deference for Calagon’s royalty. Champion is a title earned and she will fight for it.

But more than a title hangs in the balance as Thea is framed for plotting against the royal family and a violent explosion of Drakonbane. Her future as well as her family’s is threatened and she must make unlikely allies to protect her name, her life, and the dragons of Calagon.

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