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All the Monsters Are Here

Thirteen Spooky Tales

Publisher: Page Publishing
Year of Publication: 2022
Book type: Short Story Collection
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Crime · Dark · Horror · Paranormal · Post-Apocalyptic · Slasher · Supernatural · Suspense · Thriller
Language: English
“In the grand tradition of Serling, Matheson & King, Aaron Ray Ballard’s very weird worlds are populated with very ordinary people. The monsters are, indeed, here (trickster demons, trucker vampires, camera ghosts and desert island undead delightfully among them), but character is king in this debut collection from a man who knows, and loves, his horror.”
– Bill Oberst Jr.
The perfect book to read late at night with all the lights on.

Lurking within the pages of these thirteen terrifying tales are the survivors of a zombie apocalypse who only think their darkest, deadliest days are behind them; a sinister werewolf that likes to play with its prey before feasting; a deranged trucker who can’t wait to feed a resourceful young hitchhiker to his cargo; desperate thieves who make the mistake of their lives by holding up the wrong bar; amateur ghost hunters who discover to their horror that true evil really exists; and many more.

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