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Along About Midnight

Publisher: Raven’s Hollow Books
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Coming of Age · Dark
Language: English

Like every small town, Oakridge has its secrets. Legends. When October falls, Peter Harlow and his friends seek to uncover them at the Chapel Hill Cemetery—surrounded by jack-o’-lanterns at midnight. But what starts off as a fun scare for the season, an attempt to wake the Devil, turns into something far more than they bargained for.

When children go missing and a mysterious cat follows him home, Peter starts losing sleep. Spiraling from tormenting nightmares. And soon, he realizes there’s more to the stories than what was passed down. Truth within fiction. As Halloween draws nearer, so does the darkness–looking to claim its next victim.

Sometimes, secrets are better left buried. Legends left to die. In time, Peter and his friends must learn that stories are forever. And the more they’re shared, the more alive they become. Constantly being retold. Rewritten. Never forgotten…

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