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Reader Accessible Version

Publisher: A Little Help Company
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Epic Fantasy · Military · Sci-Fi · Space Opera
Language: English
Key Phrases: Cat People · Elves and Dragons · Genetic-Enhanced Soldiers · LotR meets Star Trek · Space Rangers · Talking Dragons
“I love this! Someone with Dyslexia will actually enjoy reading for once with this book.”
– L.
Awaken your imagination and journey into the Aether multiverse!

Sol Date 3498.08.21: In Earth’s 35th century, Sergeant Solan Marcus Adams, a hybrid lion humanoid, called a Hy-Gen, is the team leader of the Apex Special Forces unit, the Mavericks. Like all the other Hy-Gens, Solan and his rag-tag team follow orders while struggling daily to navigate prejudice and mistreatment. Apex Units might hold the highest completion rating for space missions that are too difficult for humans to handle, but at the end of the day, a mutt is still a mutt. Now, a new assignment comes up with questionable motives and impossible parameters. Can Solan and his team reach their objective, before everything they were created to serve and protect is destroyed?

In another verse, Lunessa is the leader of the Ma’u, an ancient feline race that has roamed the cosmos for countless ages. Thrust into the role of leadership at an early age after disaster massacred her entire family, Luna now searches for a balance between the responsibilities of her station and her desires for love and solace. Yet, her recent nightmares become warnings of a new threat on the horizon. Will the snow leopard Ma’u be able to protect her home from a long-forgotten weapon spreading across the land? From the shadows, a darker question whispers: Are these new premonitions heralding the return of a monster from her past?

Meanwhile, in the shadows between, a sinister puppet master manipulates everything to his dark whims. His obsession? To attain the sacred treasure that will grant him dominion over all: the Aether Star of Avalon. With minions enacting his devious plans, he weaves a web of deceit and diversion to capture the ultimate power for himself. Will the Dark Master succeed, or can our heroes push back the Darkness with the light of Hope?

NOTE to READERS: This is the Reader Accessible version of the “Star of Avalon, Book 1: Awakening”. It includes a specialized font called “Open Dyslexic“, a larger type, and additional spacing. If you do not prefer to read “large print” books, please refer to the standard version of the book.

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