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Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Military · Sci-Fi
Language: English
Key Phrases: Military Sci-fi Romance · Romantic Sci-fi · Space Romance

This novel is a military themed space romance. Earth is fighting to keep a hostile alien species known as the Kyteh, out of the solar system. The Kyteh want an ancient piece of alien technology they believe is hidden on Earth. Since hostile aliens are a hot-button topic as mankind become a spacefaring species, it’s no great shock that mankind doesn’t quite know how to react when they begin to discover humans among them who can manipulate time and space. They coin the term ‘Bender’ for these extraordinary individuals and draft them into military service. Sierra is a bender, and she’s seen enough of the war between the Kyteh and mankind to know that is has to stop. Sierra doesn’t know how to make that kind of that wishful thinking a reality, but when Commander Zane comes to take command of her unit, she realizes she has more potential than she realized. All Zane has to do is ask, and she’s pushing herself nearly to the breaking point to win his approval. But why? She doesn’t trust him and she’s pretty sure he’s manipulating her to advance his own career. Still, Sierra is set on testing her own boundaries because she understands she has to become more if anything is ever going to change. Is Zane just out to use Sierra for her abilities? Is he going to turn her into an unbeatable weapon to win the war against the Kyteh? Or is Sierra going to change everything?

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