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Between the Birches


Publisher: Author KP Roberson
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Romance
Language: English
Key Phrases: alternate universe · appalachian trail · contemporary folk horror · cosmic horrors · cross genre · cultists · eastern tennessee · fated mates · hiking · love triangle · magical realism · men who cry · multiple POV · nature magic · shapeshifters · small town · strong female hero · suspensful · thriller · thrilling · western north carolina
“Told from multiple points of view, Between the Birches is an imaginative, unpredictable, genre-bending story.”
– Books Picks and Pics Blog
Hikers beware! Evil lurks in the shadows. Can Beth, Tom, and Grady find their way out alive or will they succumb to the cosmic horror trapped in these hills?

Between the Birches: Awakening is the first in a New Adult, Contemporary Folk Horror trilogy where magic is real, monsters exist, & nightmares come true.

This romantic thriller begins on Beth’s 25th birthday. Hiking the Appalachian Trail with her husband & their best friend turns into a nightmare when they’re met by unexpected friends seeking to sacrifice her to an ancient god.

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