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Black-Throated Blue Warbler

A Novella

Publisher: Ingram Spark
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novella
Age: Adult
Genre: Action
Sub Genre: Cosy/Cozy · Ecofiction
Language: English
POV: Third-person
Tense: Past
Key Phrases: Bird · Nature · Warbler
““Black-Throated Blue Warbler” is a very different story from what I read but it far exceeded my expectations. This book is special. I think it’s fantastic that it is centered from the point of view of an animal and at the same time manages to make you feel so many emotions as you progress through the pages. The author manages to transport us in a unique journey in the company of a female black-throated blue warbler. It shows us that life is not easy for birds, it reflects the daily struggles she must face, all the adventures she will experience, going into the unknown, being different from the rest, it is undoubtedly a story of bravery, survival, and resistance. One of the strongest points is the writing style. I loved the way the author tells the story and the detailed descriptions he offers us. It manages to capture the essence of nature, exploring deep topics, presenting us with the complexity of life and how animals play an essential role in the cycle of life.”
– Izzy Vega,
The inner lives and mysteries of a forest bird

Our stories’ heroine, a bird weighing barely ten grams, leads a simple life. She is a Black-Throated Blue Warbler. This fact does not mean her life is easy. She has to find a mate. Raise a brood. Get enough to eat. All while avoiding becoming someone else’s lunch. But there’s something else weighing heavily on her mind. She carries a special secret with her. The colored bands of plastic and metal bound around her ankles that she’s had her whole life.

Black-Throated Blue Warbler is firmly within the animals & nature fiction genre with elements of coming-of-age. The story follows a Warbler—a small forest bird—as she navigates her third spring in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire. The circumstances of this story are loosely based on an aggregate of true events. This 20,000 word novella is cozy, descriptive, and wholesome.

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