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Motorcycle Club Romance (Lucifer's Saints MC Sacramento Originals Book 1)

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary · Romance
Language: English
“Brotherhood is nothing without loyalty. And loyalty is nothing without trust. We ride together. Fight together. Live and Love together. LSMC Brotherhood for life.” -LSMC Creed

A girl whose family means everything to her is forced to make choices that thrust her life into a tailspin.

Valentina is the middle daughter of a Mafia Soldier, and she knows all too well the darkness in the world surrounding her. But she never thought one night and one choice would change her life. She didn’t know her decision would leave her alone in the world. She never thought she’d have to navigate the world, hiding away from a vicious and determined Mafia family. She never thought that fate would have her barreling into the arms of the love of her life.

And she never thought that her choices would lead to her becoming his ruin.

After serving his country, Brick seats out to make a life and name for himself, no longer just the farmer’s son but a newly appointed Club President of the LSMC Sacramento chapter. Brick is determined to be the best and get his new chapter off the ground. His brothers, his life, and his club have all of his focus. At least they did–until he walks into a diner, he has stepped into a million times before and sees her. Her eyes tell a story, and the pull to her is so strong. He has no intention of settling down, but her light is stronger. And fate has other plans for him.

Because she will become his ruin whether he likes it or not.

Fate dealt them both with hands that could lead them to their destruction or beautiful triumphs. Brick and Valentina started on different paths, but life has brought them together. Will his starting a new club and her running for her life bring them together or tear them apart?

Club girls, brothers, rivalries, and jealousy are only a part of the story of Bricks Ruin.

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