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Broken Spirit Beautiful Heart

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2020
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Family · Memoir
Language: English
Key Phrases: Family Trauma
A woman’s Journey of Forgiveness and Peace

TRIGGER WARNING for child abuse suicide & depression language and details.
After a suicide attempt, Larkyn begins a journal of long-kept secrets and dark memories she had forgotten. Will she be able to find the forgiveness and peace for the little girl trapped inside her soul in time? To become the woman, the mother, wife, and friend she has always wanted to be?
After Larkyn’s death, her adult children find the secret journal among her belongings. Falling into the pages of her tortured mind, they discover how deeply she loved. The three adults discover how remarkable their mother truly was.
A story of childhood trauma, survival and love. How a woman forgives her abusers and the ones whom turns a blind eye. A story of how a woman becomes a loving mother and a warrior while living with a tortured little girl trapped within her soul

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