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Child of Shadows

Legends of Zale, The

Publisher: Unfinished Publishing
Year of Publication: 2022
Book type: Novel | Series
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Coming of Age · Dark Fantasy · Fantasy · Low Fantasy · Mythical Creatures
Language: English
Key Phrases: found family · Good vs Evil · portal fantasy · reluctant hero
“I read it through in one session, unable to put it down. I felt so many emotions while reading this and I’m honestly still too overwhelmed to write a coherent/detailed review.”
– Kori Moon, Amazon
But even in death a story is never truly at an end…

But even in death a story is never truly at an end…

An evil witch thirsting after unlimited power. A magical book that controls nightmares. An orphan with a knack for storytelling. A warrior determined to make amends for the actions of his father.

The Slums of Shantu run rampant with poverty and crime. The orphans survive, protected by the mysterious Shadows who tell them stories of a faraway land where nightmares come to life.

The dog’s eyes burned red, its bared teeth glinting in the moonlight. A spiked chain connected to the building was wrapped around the dog’s neck, digging into its obviously starved body. It growled dangerously and lunged at me.

Screaming, I held my arms out in front of me, trying to hold onto the idea that it was a dream. I wondered if I would be torn to bits by the only living creature we’d seen on this island. As I pushed forward with closed eyes and clenched teeth the barking died out.

Eliora, an orphan of Shantu, soon discovers her quest is far more dangerous than she imagined. But she is also more powerful than she believed.

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