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Circle of Stars, A

The Stardust Duology Book One

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Dystopian
Language: English
“Cool magic, great characters, and riveting political revolution with jaw-dropping sci fi flourishes”
– Christopher Monceaux – Amazon Review
When an 18-year-old boy is abducted across the universe to a magical lunar city he’s given a choice: be the chosen one or die.

Sometimes you have to leave home to find

All Casper Bell has ever wanted is to belong. But now, abandoned by his friends and family after being outed, he has nothing left to lose when the people of Novilem abduct him.

Except Earth.

Teleported to a world where stars grant humans magic, Casper discovers he has the rare ability to draw power from all twelve astrological signs — a gift that makes him a political pawn for the Estellar Council.

But Novilem’s inhabitants seem as hard and cold as the stone their city is carved from, and Casper’s new role leaves him more isolated than ever. Until he meets the grandson of the council’s most powerful woman. Helix is kind, playful, and heartbreakingly handsome, yet it’s how Helix makes him feel that gives Casper

As rebellion brinks in the city, even the Council starts to fracture, reaching
for extreme measures that could cost Casper not only his newfound abilities, but the first
place he has ever wanted to call home. Together with Helix, he must uncover the secrets of his full potential — because the survival of Novilem hinges on Casper’s powers, whether he’s using them or not.

Set inside a hidden lunar city, where
astrology is magic and your birth sign defines your social status,
A Circle of Stars
is a queer young adult fantasy filled with political intrigue and romance.

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