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A Blayze Carlson Novel

Publisher: ZPY Publications
Year of Publication: 2020
Book type: Novel | Series
Age: Adult
Genre: Action
Sub Genre: Action · Crime · Murder Mystery · Mystery · Police Procedural · Suspense · Thriller
Language: English

After helping close another case, FBI Special Agent Blayze Carlson just fancies a seven day cruise to the caribbean. A chance to relax and unwind until he gets called to his next case. Suddenly things don’t go to plan when he runs into an old friend who works on the ship and tells him that something is wrong and he needs his help.

As the days move on during this voyage, the entertainment staff numbers start to dwindle and Blayze is thrown straight to work to see what is happening. More and more challenges are thrown his way as the weather is about to turn and the ship is heading for a hurricane. As well as his friend on board, Blayze enlists the help of the Dance Captain, Simon to help solve what is happening to, not only his team, but his close friends.

As more bodies start to fall and the days are passing, Blayze has to try and find this killer before they can escape on dry land. Nothing is ever smooth sailing.

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