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Curse Born

Wild Spirit

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Adventure · Coming of Age · Contemporary · Paranormal · Romance · Suspense
Language: English
Key Phrases: romantasy · shifter romance · wolf and shifter books
“This world is perfect to escape to, and the author sucks us back in instantly. I can’t say much without giving away spoilers, but the author has once again gone above my expectations. “
– Chris Kenny. Author of The Manhattan Split
Unlock the past, break the curse, save the ones you love. In ‘Curse Born,’ Win Adler’s journey comes full circle as she faces old enemies and buried secrets. A gripping tale of love, sacrifice, and a battle against darkness.

Winter has arrived in Cedar Wood. Win is missing, her friends and family are scattered, left to deal with the devastation after the fateful night in the woods.

In another town, Win and Grayson are alone, happy in love. Guilt eats at Win, she knows she can’t hide forever, her family, Rowan, and Evan, need her. Will she be forgiven for running away and turning her back on Luke and Ella?

Answers arrive with a stranger, a man who gives Win a mysterious gift, branding her with a key to the past. He warns her that she must fix her mistake; an old enemy is still out there and threatens those she loves most.

Left with no other choice, Win must return home and unravel buried family secrets. A long forgotten evil claws its way to the surface, a disturbing, malevolent force holding her family hostage for centuries. Death and betrayal wait in the woods and in the past. Win must make the ultimate sacrifice and risk everything to save the people she loves without losing herself.

Curse Born is the dramatic, action-packed, heart-breaking fourth installment in the Wild Spirit Series.

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