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Darkness & Moonlight: A Worldsmyths Anthology

Publisher: Worldsmyths Publishing
Book type: Short Story Collection
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Language: English
“I have always loved writing short stories, but dreaded reading them. I would become so invested in my characters, I hated saying goodbye so quickly, so I’ve never taken the time to go out of my way and read short story collections before. Can I just say; What a fool I have been! I was given a free copy of ‘Darkness and Moonlight’ A Worldsmyths Anthology in exchange for an honest review. This collection, in so many ways, took me back to my childhood. Fae and dragons and gorgons, it has it all and some of the stories gave me the familiar sense of being tucked up in bed by my grandma and whispered bed time stories that both fascinated and terrified me at the same time. However, there was a dark and tragic twist with so many of these tales, that I related to as an adult with very adult emotions. Emotional connections with characters were easy to make throughout the collection, and even with some of those connections being brief, I felt that I had come to know many of them personally, such was the level of writing and skill the authors have curried with their audience. My favourite stories in particular were to do with the Fae and all of their wicked mischief, notably: ‘Into The Brambles’ by Freya Bell & ‘Of Full Moons and Moonshine’ by Marty Keslar But then, so many of these stories played out so visually in my mind as I read, I couldn’t help but be completely engrossed in the world’s each author had created. Many of these stories I could see adapted for screen, particularly ‘When the Raven Ate The Moons’ by Nicole L. Soper Gorden and ‘Daughter of Darkness & Son of the Sun’ by Kieran Lamoureux. Darkness & Moonlight – A Worldsmyths Anthology is a wonderful collection, with so much magic embedded in every story that it may just help the cynical non-believer, like myself, believe again, and isn’t that the real magic of it all? These are the tales that stick in your imagination and if you have the opportunity, it is definitely worth the read, and revisiting . It’s honestly been a pleasure to experience and I’d like to extend my gratitude to each author for the opportunity of being transported to their worlds, if only for a little while. “
– Stacey – Goodreads

Bounty hunter Wyatt is forced to confront his morals when his nasty boss takes on their youngest bounty ever. But when face to face with the young criminal, he finds that the matter is more complicated than simple murder.

A child’s late-night playtime with a fairy at the end of the garden turns into a choice between life and death when her dear fairy prince asks her to follow him into fairyland. Can her mother stop her from disappearing forever?

A young prince learns the hard way that blind trust is dangerous. A single mistake, made out of politeness and good breeding, can lead to a lifetime of despair.

Featuring 18 stories from an enchanting international group of authors, Darkness & Moonlight is the second book in the Worldsmyths Anthologies Collection of fantasy and science fiction short stories.

If you like the anthologies of Ellen Datlow or George R.R. Martin, you are sure to enjoy the stories in this carefully curated collection.

Buy Darkness & Moonlight to see the future of stories, today!

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