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Dear Ella

Publisher: Oakwood Publishing LLC.
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Sub Genre: New Adult · Romance
Language: English
Key Phrases: Best Friends · bucket list · Finding Yourself
“This book will forever be embedded in my heart. Every page was emotional and heartfelt. I admit I’ve cried about 50% of the time whilst reading it.”
– hatys

Twenty-two year old Midwesterner Lizzie Armstrong is lost and searching for direction after graduating college and being thrust into adult life. Her only solace from anxiety and frustration is her best friend Ella Chen. When Ella is tragically killed in a terrible accident, Lizzie searches for a way forward by channeling her best friend and spontaneously moving to Colorado to complete a bucket list the two of them dream up just before Ella’s death. Along the way, Lizzie writes letters to Ella in hopes of staying connected to the only person who truly understood her while trying to come to terms with the fact that Ella’s gone. Amidst trying to honor her best friend, Lizzie discovers an irresistible connection with the charismatic and kind Charlie Dupont, who helps her complete the list and mend her soul. With mountain climbing, an adventure to England in search of inspiration from Jane Austen, skydiving, and more, Lizzie’s healing journey intertwines with her pursuit of purpose as she learns how to overcome her biggest fears and inner demons.

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