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Deedee and Bird

Ruff Ruff Readers Level 3

Publisher: Ruff Publishing
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Picture Book
Age: Early Readers (5-7)
Genre: Childrens
Sub Genre: Family
Language: English
Key Phrases: animal companion · anime · Animé Inspired · beginner reader · bird lover · Books for girls · Children’s Story · comedy · early reader · feisty female lead · Female · female lead · female mc · female protagoist · FMC · girl protagonist · hilarious books · Illustrated
“The characters are hilarious, fun, and relatable. The drawings are also so cute. Children will love DeeDee and her sidekick bird and will want to read more and more about their future adventures. Love it”
– Kaela R.
Deedee dances to the beat of her own drum and with Bird by her side the two learn valuable lessons about friendship and honesty.

The story begins by introducing us to our main character, Deedee, whose headstrong personality is brought to the spotlight as she stubbornly persists in convincing her parents to get her a pet. When her parents finally make her wish come true, we meet Deedee’s new best friend and sidekick, Bird.

The two friends find themselves in a tough spot when Deedee loses her shoes and accidentally mistakes her classmates’ shoes for her own. When Deedee notices her folly, she then has to make a decision. Will she pretend nothing happened? Or will she muster up the courage to apologize and return the shoes to their rightful owner?

Deedee and Bird is a story sure to be loved by children of all ages but is primarily geared toward beginning readers.

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