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Diary of Murders

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance · Thriller
Sub Genre: Dark Romance · Victorian
Language: English
“I was hooked by this book”
– – Becki Crossley, Author
A new murderer walks the streets of Victorian London… and a passion-filled couple find themselves drawn into the mystery.

Love Dominates Us All

London. 1895.

Two doctors — Miriam Clayton and John Bennett — fall in love with one another when they realise they have the same wicked sexual desires.


A series of gruesome murders have gripped Soho. Their details are confessed in a damning diary.

But who of the pair is committing these crimes? And what has turned their love into violence?

Join Miriam and John on their dark romantic journey through pain and bondage. But, as a cruel society tests their passions, discover what can push a person to their breaking point and see how deadly love can really be.

Can you unbind the secrets of the Diary of Murders?

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