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Echoes of my Heartbeat

A collection of poems and a short story

Publisher: Tebeba publishers
Book type: Poetry Collection
Age: Adult
Genre: Poetry
Language: English
Key Phrases: Life · reflective poems
“I enjoyed reading this book and a lot of the poems resonated with me. My two favourites are ‘It is the way of the world’ and ‘Never forget the little things. The first truly highlights the way of the world and some angles we learn to navigate while the latter is a good reminder to be thankful. Thank you to the author for sharing your gift.”
– Anonymous review left on Amazon

Echoes of my Heartbeat is a witty collection of poems and a short story, inspired by some real events and pictures the author has taken over time. The author has also included these pictures in the book, to help the readers understand the message behind the words.

The poems go from reality to the bizarre and will evoke deep feelings of happiness, sadness and in some cases, laughter. The stories in the poem and the message in the short story are thought provoking. They will invoke an array of emotions in the readers, who will find deeper meanings in the very basic things in life.

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