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Embarrassment of Itches, An

Ginny Reese Mysteries, The

Publisher: Redclaw Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery
Sub Genre: Cosy/Cozy · Murder Mystery · Mystery
Language: English
Key Phrases: Dog lovers · Second Chance Romance · small town
“A well-paced and entertaining series opener with an appealing protagonist.”
– Kirkus Reviews
Diagnosis Murder meets All Creatures Great and Small

As a house-call vet, Ginny Reese has seen her share of the weird and wacky. But nothing in her previous experience could have prepared her to find one of her clients floating in her own swimming pool.

Local artist Amanda Kelly was extremely wealthy with her share of secrets. By naming Ginny as her heir, not only did she make Ginny the number one suspect, but she painted a big bull’s eye on her friend’s back as well.

With her trusty German Shepherd at her side, it’s up to Ginny to find the real killer and prove her innocence to the sheriff. The new sheriff. Who happens to be her ex.

Piece of cake, right?

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