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Find Me, Book One

She Believed in the Kindness of Strangers

Publisher: Heartfinder Media
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Sub Genre: Coming of Age · Memoir · Why Choose
Language: English
Key Phrases: Extraordinary life · Imparting wisdom · Searching for self · self-discovery
“This is such a great concept. I love that she chose to do this for herself despite what her husband felt about it. I absolutely loved the reactions the readers had and the feelings that surfaced because of what they read. Such a cool little story.”
– Beegers_Reads on Goodreads
In her attempt to live a more extraordinary life, one woman sets out on a literary journey against astronomical odds. How small is this world really? She hopes to find out.

With her days of stay-at-home parenting wiling away forever, an anonymous author wonders what will come next. More years of the stale marriage that feels hopelessly stuck in habits and routine, only to add a passionless job on top? She just can’t bear it. An idea comes from the ethers, a safe way to ignite her fire again without rocking the boat. Penning five books of moments and people from her past; she mails them out to strangers, the volumes traveling in her stead. Sent with a hopeful plea that the books be passed along until someone written about inside recognizes the shared memory and returns a copy back to her.

For every woman who wonders what else there is to life; beyond family, work, and keeping a clean house. This story is about listening to that soft nagging voice that begs us to live our best life without chucking it all. Find Me, Book One acts as the practical telling of one woman’s journey to find herself, as life warrants her to step into her power and who she will become. This installment follows the first book as it travels through time in search of her, picking up some flawed and wondrous couriers along the way. This is the first installment of the five in the Find Me, Extraordinary Life Seeker series.

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