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Five Light-Years to the Firesnake

Plan8 Slaves Book #1

Publisher: Plan8 Alliance
Year of Publication: 2017
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub Genre: Sci-Fi · Space Fantasy · Space Opera · Time Travel
Language: English
Key Phrases: mystic scifi · mysticism · saviour of slaves · scifi and space fantasy · space shaman · space spy · space witch
“This is another great, well-written story by Rayner Ye that is multi-layered, multicultural, with stories woven together by a very skilled author. I am really looking forward to reading the series and meeting the rest of her intriguing cast of characters.”
Space Time, Time Travel, Metaphysical Travel. There are many ways to smash interstellar slavery.

In the treacherous Firesnake, one woman holds salvation.

Aedre’s journey to a new life leads her to the volatile archipelago. Amidst poverty and lawlessness, she discovers ancient mystic traditions threatened by a sinister mafia Godfather fixated on her.

Guided by an enigmatic spirit guardian, Aedre unveils incredible shape-shifting and teleportation abilities. As her powers awaken, a burning desire for revenge and liberation fuels her. With enslaved lives at stake, she embarks on an all-consuming quest to avenge the Godfather and set captives free.

But the risks are daunting, and failure could mean paralysis or death.

Embark on a thrilling Sci-Fi Fantasy series, traversing unimaginable realms through space travel, time portals, and metaphysical wonders. Witness Aedre’s harrowing journey entwined with prophecies of her becoming the saviour of slaves.

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