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Fright Night Origins

Publisher: Holland House Publications
Book type: Novel | Novelization
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Horror · Movie Novelization
Language: English
Key Phrases: Classic Horror · vampires
You think you know the whole story, don’t you?

High school isn’t going well for teenage horror fan Charley Brewster, still dealing with the loss of his father, he finds himself in his first serious relationship with the vibrant and beautiful Amy Peterson. If new love wasn’t complicated enough, Charley is also failing Trigonometry. Late one night, while cramming for a test, Charley spies something suspicious in the yard next door, two men carrying what appears to be a coffin. What’s going on in the old Victorian House, and who are Charley’s new neighbors?

Tom Holland returns to the world of Fright Night along with A. Jack Ulrich to lay the groundwork for a brand new series of books set in the world of Fright Night.

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