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Get Dressed

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2018
Book type: Picture Book
Age: Picture book (0-5)
Genre: Childrens
Language: English
Key Phrases: ASD · Monster picture book · picture book
“This book is one of the most brilliant purchases I have made in a very long time. My daughter is mostly non verbal and has ASD and one of the things that was almost impossible to do was find engaging social stories to develop and model appropriate life skills”
– Amazon reader
Encourage children to dress

Children start their reading journey from a young age, listening to repetitive rhymes with an engaging topic to fuel their love of reading. This book provides that with a familiar monkey on each page and a regular rhyming pattern that will have children joining in. Simple but engaging illustrations connect the sounds with the images.
Singing the rhymes to the tune of ‘I had a little turtle’ this book becomes a useful prompt for children to get dressed each morning. Singing as they dress is a useful tool for children with autism, or cheeky toddlers who just don’t like getting dressed.

Get more from this book with the cut out activities in the back of the book to really help your child bloom as a young reader. For ebook copies, these activities can be downloaded from my website.
Download the free activity sheet to use alongside this book from

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