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Godshards: The Six Strangers

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Language: English

For twelve centuries, the Godshards have dwelt in the mortal realms. They are humans whose souls have merged with fragments of their fallen God. Long have they been the exemplars and heroes of humanity. But times are changing and the Godshards are being kidnapped by Daemons, leaving chaos and turmoil in their wake.

Mercenary Lieutenant Leo finds himself front and center in the conspiracy when the Godshard Maga he is tasked with protecting is in their sights. They must travel to the Island City, an ancient and sacred place to all Godshards in the vain hope he can find a way to save her. He is reluctantly joined by his best friend Martin, his bitter old flame Elizabeth, the Godshardling Annabelle, the powerful Godshard Etheros and Petro, one of the Benelim.

They have to settle their differences and work together, if they want any chance to save the Godshards before it is too late.

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