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Gold in the Days of Summer

Publisher: Brown Beagle Books
Book type: Novella
Age: Middle-Grade Fiction (8-12)
Genre: Childrens
Sub Genre: Coming of Age · Historical Fiction
Language: English
“Relatable family dynamics enrich this promising debut.”
– Publisher’s Weekly
Twelve-year-old Annie navigates the crossroads of young adulthood during the summer of 1979 in this coming-of-age tale about the friendships we form and the memories we keep.

he summer of 1979 should have been a magical time of panning for gold in the creek and catching fireflies in a jar. Instead, nothing is turning out the way 12 year old Annie expected: her best friend is away at camp, Connor Bartlett barely notices her anymore, and her parents and sister, trying to protect her from the reality of her grandmother’s illness, only seem to further isolate her.

Desperate to find a sense of meaning in an ever-changing world, Annie turns to an unlikely confidant: a reclusive young veteran at war with his own past. As the summer days pass and her 13th birthday draws closer, Annie discovers that growing up doesn’t always mean leaving everything behind.

An award-winning, classic coming-of-age tale about the friendships we form and the memories we keep.

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