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Guarding Gus

Book 1

Publisher: Promise Press
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: New Adult (16+)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Adventure · Cozy Fantasy · Gaslamp · LGBT · Magical Realism · Urban Fantasy
Language: English
POV: Third-person
Tense: Present
Key Phrases: Chosen Family · positive masculinity
“✨ Not to be dramatic – but I would go to battle for Gus! ✨ What do a bonsai bodyguard, a cookie guard, a sassy vampire, a cheese guard and a “Manly Cup” championship hockey team have in common? Love for Gustopher the adorable baby gargoyle of course! Nico and Brant are ordinary guys living ordinary lives…until one unbelievable night brings them together and changes their lives forever. When gunfire erupts on a nearby street both Nico and Brant (strangers) race to the scene and make the discovery of a lifetime! Sitting in an abandoned car and buckled into a car seat is an adorable baby gargoyle! Instantly forming a bond with the lovable creature they pledge to help reunite Gus with his owners. Setting them off on a hilarious adventure with the help of friends who become family along the way! Guarding Gus is absolutely charming and wickedly cozy! I was drawn in by the adorable cover and stayed for the fantastic read full of found family, love, adventure, fantastical world building, romance, laughter, self-love, character growth, witty dialog and of course – all of the adorable Gus content! 10/10 recommend this feel-good cozy fantasy! Thank you Karryn Nagel for the ARC!”
– TaraKat-MagnoliaPigeonBooks
What would you do if you found a rare magical animal?

What would you do if you found a rare magical animal?

Nico, who has just begun passing as a transgender man, relishes the quiet life working as a bonsai bodyguard. But during a chance encounter one night amidst the aftermath of a territory dispute, he meets Brant, an excitable, good-natured cookie guard, and the two strike an instant friendship. They form an irresistible bond with Gustopher, a baby gargoyle in need, setting off on a thrilling 3-day adventure to rescue the creature and reunite it with its rightful owner.

As they set out on their mission, the mismatched duo encounter predicaments unusual to new foster parents. Unscrupulous enemies lurk in the shadows, eager to exploit Gustopher on the black market. In order to ensure Gus’s safety, Nico and Brant must quickly learn how to nurture (what do gargoyles eat, anyway?) and safeguard their newfound charge. Fortunately, their journey leads them to encounter Remi the vampire, an eccentric cheese guard from Wisconsin, and Jasper, a seasoned traveler, who faithfully accompanies the renowned Manley Cup, the cherished trophy of a championship hockey team.

Together, this peculiar quartet must combine their unique talents navigating both gargoyle-raising and crime-boss hunting. As they traverse the mountain metropolis of Multnomah, their hidden secrets gradually come to light, forging unbreakable bonds and solidifying their motley chosen family. And in the midst of it all, Gustopher surprises them with delightful…qualities, adding an extra dose of astonishment everywhere they go.

Bonus content:
  • a page dedicated to the hobby of all four main characters
  • sneak peek pages from Book 2
  • a treasure hunt map (linked via QR code) that will lead you to all the real-life locations in the town the book is based on! (NOTE: Some locations are real, some are inspired by, and some are local businesses)

Content details: This book is intended for adults, but can also be enjoyed by teenagers 13-18. The themes are positive masculinity, chosen family, friendship, and adoption.

Here’s the content warnings:

Content warnings include: (** items are referenced, but not explored in detail)

Aftermath of a gun-shoot out (no deaths)

Criminal underground, threats of injury and gun violence (one minor injury)


**References to veteran PTSD/military

**Death of a grandparent

**Gambling environment (casino)


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