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Hands That Pull the Strings, The

The Deep Space Cargoist, Book 3

Publisher: Cavia Porcellus
Year of Publication: 2021
Book type: Novella | Series
Age: Adult
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub Genre: LGBT · Space Opera
Language: English
Key Phrases: Bisexual · survival · trans character · trans masc
Paradise is only skin deep.

After the last several weeks, Inez Stanton is taking a well-deserved vacation. She’s on an all-inclusive luxury resort moon. On her own, with a few thousand other people taking up space around her. She hates it.

After a week of free drinks and avoiding people as much as possible, Inez finally has a plan for a quiet day on the beach. She didn’t count on the Free Earth battle cruiser blocking the twin suns, or the mystery ship that showed up shortly after.

She also wasn’t counting on her biological father showing up with his marines, or the explosive confrontation that was coming. Suddenly the rest and relaxation she was looking for is nowhere in sight, replaced by a fight for survival. Refugees, marines, unknown aliens, and new friends who just want to get away from their getaway.

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