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Healer’s Secret

Book #1 of the Healer Saga

Publisher: Pink Quill Books
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Historical Fiction
Sub Genre: Family · Historical Fiction · Magical Realism
Language: English
Key Phrases: ancient secrets · dragonflies · family saga · italy · magic · tuscany
“The Healers Secret is a beautiful heartwarming read with the essence of magic and mystery running through it.”
From medieval times to present day, the Healer saga spans generations of the Innocenti family, telling the stories of the women healers whose lives are entwined with legends, curses, and tragedy.

Jennifer’s life isn’t going as she planned. Fired from her job and on the brink of divorce, her only salvation lies at the bottom of a wine bottle. When her mother insists she get away from everything, she reluctantly agrees to explore her Italian roots in Tuscany.

Staying in her family’s centuries-old cottage, she becomes embroiled in a mysterious tragedy involving her great-grandmother. As she delves further into her ancestors’ history, she discovers there is more to her heritage than meets the eye.

Ghosts from the past could give Jennifer something she thought she’d never have: a future. But that depends on whether she can resist temptation and avoid slipping back into her old ways.

Will she be able to conquer her inner demons and discover the healer’s secret?

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