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High Price of Fame, The

Rich - Famous - Dead

Publisher: Roswell Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Thriller
Sub Genre: Crime · Dark · Slasher
Language: English
My name’s Dan Goldberg, former celebrity and current death row inmate.

My name’s Dan Goldberg. Singer, songwriter, frontman for the band Nine Lives, former alcoholic, and inmate number 573192.
And I’ve got a date with Old Sparky in two weeks.

Dan Goldberg was once one of the most recognizable faces in music. Bored with his sudden rise to fame and all that came with it, he turned to killing. He never expected to get caught.

Until he was.

He was given the death penalty and, with two weeks left to live, he decides that it’s time to tell the world how he went from nobody to celebrity to convicted serial killer.

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