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Publisher: Winter Moon Press
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure
Language: English
Key Phrases: closing universe · plague · plants · space cowboys · space opera
“Insiders is a great space opera that has a flavor reminiscent of Firefly. Each crew member contributes to the whole, but each also has their own identity. The action starts from the beginning and doesn’t let up until the last page. I found the ending quite satisfying and was entertained all the way through…I look forward to future sci-fi books from this author! Her command of creating characters to care about and the use of voice is amazing. “
– Jim Arrowood, Jim’s Sci-Fi Blog
One sentient plant, one bickering crew, one universe to save!

In a universe of long-haul truckers, parasite-bearing megalomaniacs, asteroid rustlers, and homicidal peace keepers, some people just want to stay alive.

Deep within Kerberos Station, pipe crawler Sachi Inside is dying of the planet-killing Hibravian virus. In a state of delirium, the agoraphobic girl agrees that in exchange for life, she will not only leave her pipes, but even the station. A sentient plant wraps around her, guides her to an exiting ship, and adheres to the hull.

Captain Karasi Kwei is not pleased to discover a stowaway, but the crew thinks there’s money to be made on the plant, and the fact that both the Eastern Star Corporation and the Elysium Empire are tracking it confirms its value. However, none of that matters when the entire crew falls sick with the incurable Hibravian.

But Sachi’s plant is more than it seems. All they have to do is fight the mercenaries, survive the virus, evade the Elysium Empire, and navigate a fluctuating microwave wall, and they just might save the universe.

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