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Kill Karma

Agents of Karma, Book 1

Publisher: Jellyrum Press
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Sword & Sorcery
Language: English
Key Phrases: Demons · occult · portal · vampires
“Marsh delivers a blend of suspense, action, dark imagery, and adventure which brings to life a story that’s addictive, fast-paced, and cleverly written.”
– Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite,
Vengeance doesn’t have a shelf life!

Pepper Li Bell has a high aptitude and talent that, in the past, she used exclusively to get into trouble. Despite the terms of her probation, she decided to use that knowledge and prowess to become an entrepreneur of sorts, beginning a karma-for-hire business. Pepper can’t stand to see karma go unserved, so when oppressors dodge justice, she’s ready to uncover their dirty little secrets—for a fee, of course. 

But on her latest job, Pepper is in way over her head when she uncovers an insidious plot that’s been brewing for a decade, and now it’s on the verge of fruition. Demons have set up shop in her small Florida town, peddling soul contracts and possessing her neighbors. They await orders set for doomsday—All Hallows’ Eve—when the nefarious Syndicate will be unleashed from Hell, turning the forces of darkness loose and declaring war on Earth. The only thing standing in their way is Goddess Karma, who wields the Scales of Justice, ensuring balance throughout the realms, and her assassins. 

After unearthing secrets from her past, Pepper realizes she just might hold the key to bringing the demonic regime to its knees and saving everyone she knows and loves. The fate of Karma, every magical being, and all of humanity rests on her young shoulders. But can she rise to the challenge in time?

Armageddon is brewing, and Pepper is in the eye of the storm. 

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