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Kindred Warriors

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: New Adult (16+)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Crime · Urban Fantasy
Language: English
POV: Third-person
Tense: Past
“Kindred Warriors is an emotional fueled thrill ride into the heart of Vicary City and the clans that fight over it. A young man named Matt seeks revenge on Jacob, the leader of the vicious Cobra Clan, and is not above using the power of what the book refers to as his doppelganger (think an alter ego) to do it. This is Mattia’s debut novel and it did not disappoint. The book is well written and the author clearly emits passion for his work across each and every page. It is easy to become one with Matt, his highs are your highs and the same with the lows. The atmosphere is dark and gritty, but still alive and thriving. There is light and hope under the lingering darkness. I enjoyed the action and emotion throughout the story. The pacing was fast and the book was never dull. The duality concepts of light versus dark, good versus evil, etc were well presented with fresh takes. With a powerhouse like this as a debut, Mattia stands to go far in his literary career.”
– SassyMamaReads
#fantasy #revenge #boxing #crime #newadult #urbanfantasy #action #adventure

“You can’t escape me, Matt… all that is yours belongs to me by right…AND MINE…IT MUST BE!” Matt’s Doppelganger.

One warrior, two souls… One wants to free his people from the grip of the Cobra Clan that rules over Vicary City with exploitation and modern slavery, while the other craves power and revenge…

There’s only one problem: they are the same man!

At the heart of this battle our protagonist, Matt, struggles to seek revenge against Jacob, the scion of the Cobra Clan, for the bullying and the wrongdoings endured in the past while, at the same time, trying to harness the supernatural power of his dark Doppelganger, the embodiment of his most violent and wrathful instincts.

After a cryptic encounter in the mirror and a seductive promise of power, their lives merge into a singular entity, creating a being with extraordinary potential.

But the price to pay is high. Red and pulsating scars engulf Matt’s new body, gradually consuming him, and the presence of his alter ego in his mind is overwhelming, motivating his counterpart in his quest for vengeance.

What will be Matt’s destiny? Will he be consumed by the power of the Doppelganger, or will he be saved by his friends, ready to fight by his side and give Vicary City a brighter future?

In this conflict between light and darkness, only one will triumph.

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