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Kingdom of Forgotten Curses

The Stolen Royalty Series

Publisher: Courting Books Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Dark · Epic Fantasy · Paranormal · Retelling · Romance · Supernatural
Language: English
Key Phrases: Beauty and the Beast · Dracula · enemies to lovers · fairytale · Forced Proximity · vampire
“I love each of A.R. Kaufer’s book even more than the last and KINGDOM OF FORGOTTEN CURSES, a Beauty and the Beast retelling, with a vampire twist, hit all the perfect notes for my fairy tale and paranormal romance loving heart!”
Love never tasted so sweet…

A woman broken in grief. A villain with a curse. What will happen when their paths cross?

The prince is a bloodthirsty soldier who enjoys death, fine wine, and the company of beautiful women. Until one fateful night, when everything changes.

80 years later, the king’s barrister, Marius, discovers a reference to the prince and is immediately sent upon a mission of discovery by the king, much to the dismay of his three daughters.

At the chateau, Marius makes a deadly mistake, and now someone must pay the price…

For fans of Beauty and the Beast, Dracula, and romantic fairytales, this is for you. A gothic tale as old as time…

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