Beautiful Trauma

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Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Sub Genre: Action · Dystopian · Low Fantasy · New Adult
Language: English
Key Phrases: climate crisis · female lead · magic · time travel
“As a first novel, this is exceptional.”
– UnexpectedDave – Amazon
When the Light Ignites, the World burns

Sixty-eight years ago, the Brotherhood of Light came to power. Now, in 2091, we all live under the rule of the Lightborn.

For years, these men have abused their power and starved the world of its natural resources. But now, even they know they’ve taken it too far. The world is dying because of their reckless use of magic. Though they try to hide it, the dark spots on the earth will soon seep out, leaving decay and destruction in their wake.

Anya has remained hidden, her power a great secret she holds close. She’s spent her life in fear of the Lightborn but can’t look the other way anymore.

After turning to a group of rebels for help, she’s betrayed and delivered directly to the men she’s feared for so long.

Anya is left with no choice but to help them.

But her power is greater than they could ever imagine.

Will Anya find the help she needs in the future? Can she make it back in time to stop the inevitable?

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