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Lighting the Lamp

Chicago Velocity series

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Sports
Language: English
Key Phrases: hockey
I’m not normally a one-night-stand kind of girl… but maybe tonight, I am.

Brenna Wilson just wants to live the most ordinary life she can. Flying under the radar and not taking risks seems to work best for her – after all, she consistently finds herself in the shadows of her best friend and trying to escape the haunts of an ex-boyfriend. However, a seemingly bad decision permanently alters the trajectory of her future into something much less ordinary.

When sexy bad boy Ryan Flynn is transferred to Chicago to play hockey for the Velocity, he’s ready to leave his mark on his new city. He crosses paths with Brenna and what they assume to be one night becomes something more. He can’t get enough of this mysterious woman who is hesitant to let him get close to her. However, he also has a dark past he’d rather keep hidden. Can he break her shell without sacrificing himself in the process?

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