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Little Addict, Good

West City Devils

Publisher: Leighelle Stone
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Dark Romance · Why Choose
Language: English

I escaped my abusive ex with the hope that landing in West City to begin the search for my birth parents would provide me with some feeling of control over my life.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

West City has secrets, like the Devils—a criminal organization that was once dead and buried. West City also has Ezra and his equally alluring brothers. These three aren’t just ordinary brothers though, they’re triplets. Tall, dark, handsome, and tattooed, with a side of danger. The brothers plan to own the town, and their sights are on me—an addict with skeletons of my own.

I may get more than I bargain for, but there’s no turning back now.

Author’s note: This book is a dark why choose intended for 18 years or older. Please read the CW’s at the beginning of the book.

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