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Magnificent Magenta Mayhem

Maggie Bliss Out Of The Box Mystery, A

Publisher: Palmetto
Year of Publication: 2022
Book type: Series
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery
Sub Genre: Cosy/Cozy
Language: English
Key Phrases: Engaging · hilarious · unexpected
“This is what I like to call a CLASSIC mystery. I used to read books with this same vibe as a child and it really brought back a warmth I haven’t felt in decades. The author had an incredible way of building the characters up! I felt like I knew each one of them on an individual level. The author also painted the perfect setting. The Valley in Colorado made me feel like I was right at home AND on vacation. The community was built with personality and mystery. The main character was close to my age and had an”old soul.” I related to this so much. I felt like I was the main character at times! The author’s words were constructed beautifully and I will be reading more from her! Five star COZY read.”
– Shae Smith-Amazon
She’s like a dog with a bone and will not let go until she finds the missing Marcy, dead or alive.

Maggie Bliss is the youngest of six, living in an Idyllic Denver neighborhood called the Valley. Maggie’s siblings are all successful by society’s standards while she is a college educated dog walker/ house-sitter with a side hustle delivering food on weekends.

When Marcy, a former classmate goes missing from her Valley home without a trace, Maggie inserts herself into the official investigation led by one of her oldest friends. Dragging along a crew of unlikely associates, Maggie uses her natural  gifts of curiosity and organization to solve the mystery. She makes important connections when a dead body shows up in a van parked on a Valley street.

Following a thin lead, Maggie attends a speed-dating event and unwittingly plunges herself into danger that risks her own life and that of her best friend.

A story for cozy mystery fans looking for a new series to love.  Those who prefer a smart whodunnit will appreciate this one set in a beautiful place steeped in old-fashioned values and traditions. Readers will look forward to curling up and getting lost in this hilarious, fast-paced, no-blood-and-guts cozy mystery.

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