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My CI-Borg Journey

From hearing loss to new hearing

Publisher: Write! Press
Year of Publication: 2021
Book type: Non Fiction
Age: Adult
Genre: Biography
Sub Genre: Memoir
Language: English
Key Phrases: cochlear implant · deaf · disability · hard of hearing · hearing loss · identity
“The author’s journey through trials, doubts, and sadness leading to their accomplishments were told in a way that’s both engaging, entertaining, and heartwarming. Telling in a style that is reminiscent of fictional stories helped make me feel as if I were there right by her side, from every tear of pain and joy. It’s an inspirational story that displays the power of faith and perseverence, and to believe that you are worthy of all that you work towards. I look forward to her next work.”
– R.M. – Amazon
I’m losing all the hearing I have left; this is my journey to hear again, no matter what it takes.

Jenel lived with hearing loss for most of her life. She never understood why her ears didn’t work like everyone else. One day, a hearing aid wasn’t enough. Jenel discovers she needs an expensive, life-changing surgery for a cochlear implant, or “CI”. But the path to a cochlear implant costs more money than Jenel ever expected. She’s uninsured and underemployed. Her hearing was declining. She was running out of options. She needed hope, and a lot of help. Jenel needed to understand the journey before receiving the breakthrough, because becoming a CI-Borg is not easy.

Based on a true story, My CI-Borg Journey is a modern autobiography about how one young woman went from struggling with hearing loss and hidden fears, to living with new hearing through the miracle of a cochlear implant and learning to thrive with newfound hope.

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