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Ouji the Curious Cat

Publisher: Office Space Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Middle-Grade Fiction (8-12)
Genre: Childrens
Language: English
Key Phrases: animal adventure · cat stories

Ouji believes his life is like any other house cat. He enjoys napping, eating, and the love and attention from his humans, but what his humans don’t know is that he dreams of a life outside. Born in a shelter, Ouji grew up on the tales of places beyond his imagination. But now those stories seem like fairytales until Ouji meets a little deer mouse named Adrian.

Adrian unlocks Ouji’s world, and the two find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime, an adventure that will take Ouji far from his suburban home and into the wilds of the forest, in search of a place of legend, a paradise for cats.

Joined together by a gang of new friends, will Ouji have what it takes to make it or will the journey prove too much? Find out in this adorable adventure about a house cat who dared to venture beyond his front door.

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