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Perfect Pawn

James Maguire Series Book 1

Publisher: Huntzman Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Crime · Murder Mystery · Mystery · Police Procedural · Suspense · Thriller
Language: English
Key Phrases: detective · serial killer
Spice Level:

The spice rating is in regards to the type of sexual content within the book. Below is a helpful guide (courtesy of Georgia C Leigh)

1= YA romantic, making out, MAYBE a closed door.
2= some on page foreplay and nudity but mostly fade to black.
3= open door, on page vanilla sex.
4= on page sex – hot or with kink.
5= erotica.

“As a new reader of Andrew G. Nelson, I’m hooked! His writing takes you on a phenomenally well written adventure. He introduces solid characters I want to follow. This is my new binge series! “
– Joyce Patterson
A 1-car accident, a missing driver, decades of lies & secrets. Can retired NYPD detective James Maguire rescue his H.S. flame before becoming the next target?

When his H.S. flame disappears from the scene of a one-car accident, retired NYPD detective James Maguire quickly joins the search for the missing woman, but he is soon left questioning why he’s the only one eager to find her. What other dark secrets will his homecoming uncover and just how much of his past can he keep hidden?

From fighting in war-torn countries, to the crime-riddled streets of Brooklyn north, former Navy SEAL, and recently retired NYPD detective, James Maguire, thought he had seen it all.

Now, after a career of sacrifices, he was finally putting the pieces of his life back together. He had started a new career, running his own security threat-assessment firm, and was quite content with his bachelor life, or so he thought. Then he met an alluring businesswoman from Long Island’s posh enclave of Southampton. It looked like things were changing in a way he had not thought possible; at least until the morning news reported that his former high school flame had gone missing from a one car accident, in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York.

Arriving back in his old hometown, to join in the search, Maguire must not only come to terms with the past he left behind, but the fact that no one seems interested in pursuing the woman’s disappearance; especially her husband who is now the sheriff.

As he struggles to piece the clues together, he is drawn deeper into a deadly game where people are as expendable as pawns on a chess board and the only goal is to take down the king; an unwanted crown that Maguire now wears.

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