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Reaper Restrained

The Reapers MC, Ravenswood

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Crime · Dark Romance
Language: English
When their worlds collide, will they survive?

When their worlds collide, will they survive?

Ray, she’s had an unconventional upbringing to say the least.
After her dads death Ray is convinced to leave the UK. Travelling to the States to visit family.

A search for somewhere to start over.
Somewhere less restricting to become the version of herself she was always meant to be.
Dragging her sister-from-another-mister Scar along for the ride.

Stumbling into the Reapers motorcycle club Scar gets swept into the bed of a heathen.
Surely this can only end in tears, or blood. But whose? Will Ray pay the price?

For an ordinary girl this life would be fatal. Ray? Can she thrive? She’s no ordinary girl.
Go on underestimate her, that’ll be fun!

Reaper Restrained is a dark, dirty, romance.
One deadly female main character who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty!
This book contains swearing, sexually explicit scenes, taboo subjects, a cliffhanger and much more.

18+ F/M M/M

Buckle up buttercup it’s about to get bumpy!
This is book one of a four book series.
The Reapers MC, Ravenswood.

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