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Red River

A Rural Nightmare

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Dark Comedy · LGBT · Murder Mystery · Mystery
Language: English
Key Phrases: Australian
“I am a big fan of the horror genre and this story truly gave me the chills, I enjoyed it immensely. The characters are well developed and the description of the occurrences is immaculate. The author has penned a unique experience for the readers. I highly recommend it to everyone.”
– Conscientious – Amazon Reviewer
Have you seen Lisa Murray?


This horror mystery cuts a little deeper. Read the story, or dive deeper into what’s going on beneath the surface. It’s your choice.

Life moves slowly but steadily in the sleepy Australian town of Red River, nestled in the rolling hills of country Victoria. But when 22-year-old netball coach Lisa Murray goes missing, everything is turned upside down. Unexplained mysteries start cropping up around Red River, while increasingly violent nightmare visions plague some residents. The small country town may try to bury its horrors and maintain their squeaky-clean reputation. Still, a force lurks beyond their periphery, watching and waiting for its chance to strike.

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