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Rhyme Of Magpies, A

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Language: English
“I found this book, beautiful and easy to read. It was very moving, I felt like I went on the journey with her! It made my heart melt and sing at the same time! I highly recommend it!”
– Willow Thomas
Sometimes the only way forward is to let go of that which is holding you back.

One for sorrow

Two for joy

Three for a girl

Four for a boy …

Now how did the rest of that rhyme go?


Rose lives an average life in an average home in an average suburb of Melbourne until her scheming partner helps himself to their bank accounts and her best friend, leaving her with no option but to sell her family home before the bank repossesses it.

Burdened by illness and on the cusp of her 60th birthday,  Rose takes a chance and follows a melody of magpies on a journey to find herself and a place she can call home.

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