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Sawyer: The Ace of Spades Motorcycle Club

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Dark
Language: English
Key Phrases: MC Romance
When Sawyer finally sees the girl he’s been thinking about for months she’s trying to hide a black eye and he sees red. What she doesn’t know is she’s already his, he’s just waiting on her to realize it, and no one touches his girl.

The world is full of monsters disguised as men. Just when the Ace of Spades motorcycle club thinks everything has calmed down from their war with the Jackals new problems arise. There are too many bad things happening to be a coincidence, but when it’s finally confirmed that they are being targeted they must figure out who this new enemy is before they can finish what they’ve started.

After months of thinking of no one else but Della I finally find her again only to realize she isn’t as safe as I was led to believe. Something about her sad grey eyes captivated me the moment we met and now I have to convince her to let me help her. I know no one else could keep her safe the way I could, because no one else cares about her the way I do.

My life has been one nightmare after another so I shouldn’t be surprised when I end up in yet another bad situation. What is surprising is seeing Sawyer again after all these months. He’s just as amazing as I remember him being and he wants to help me… again. I want to save myself this time, but when he offers me the chance to start over somewhere else can I really refuse?

Trigger Warnings********
Domestic Violence
Mentions of sex trafficking
Surprise pregnancy
Attempted kidnapping
Dark themes

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