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Secrets, Lies & Revenge

Four Women. Three Murders. Infinite Secrets.

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel | Series
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery
Sub Genre: Family · LGBT · Murder Mystery · Mystery · Thriller
Language: English
“Ben Andrews did a fantastic job writing believable female characters with complex home lives. If his name weren’t on the cover, I would’ve assumed a woman wrote it. He really handled the subject matter well. The drama was gripping, and the plot twists I didn’t see coming. Masterfully written”
– Brendon

Four women. Three murders. Infinite secrets.

After Emily Lamont and her grandmother, Cynthia, move into the affluent neighborhood of
Beechwood Close — their plan is set in motion.

Ava Shaw has built up a stellar reputation, the envy of society at Beechwood. Yet her troubled
past soon catches up with her when things begin to spiral out of control, threatening to finally
expose the truth she spent years hiding.

Rose Walker is struggling to find peace in her home, but when she is approached by a stranger
who spins stories of a group that can change her life, things finally start to look up. Until she
learns of their sinister motives…

Florence Foster is transforming her life in a desperate attempt to recapture the affections of her
wandering husband. But, as divorce approaches, her worst fears come to fruition.

As plans unfold and secrets are revealed, the fate of the four women hangs in the
balance. But one thing is for certain, hell hath no fury like a women scorned.

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