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Seeing Double

A Why-Choose, Stepbrother Romance

Publisher: Lacy Chantell Publishing
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Coming of Age · Dark Romance · New Adult · Romance · Suspense · Thriller · Why Choose
Language: English
Key Phrases: forbbiden love · spies · Step Brother Romance · taboo romance · Undercover Agents
Spice Level:

The spice rating is in regards to the type of sexual content within the book. Below is a helpful guide (courtesy of Georgia C Leigh)

1= YA romantic, making out, MAYBE a closed door.
2= some on page foreplay and nudity but mostly fade to black.
3= open door, on page vanilla sex.
4= on page sex – hot or with kink.
5= erotica.

“No way Lacy this book is so freaking good. You did Chiari so good and so many freaking twist I love it!!!!”
“It’s like my brain is being caressed by dirty thoughts and taboo dreams.”

Kenni’s life was hard enough when her dad died and became the small-town hero protecting his students. As if the anxiety of his death wasn’t enough, she was then diagnosed with Type One Chiari Malformation. She suddenly didn’t see a future for herself anymore. Her dreams of college, her ambitions—they all died with the one person who supported her more than ever.

When her mom marries Oscar, Kenni is acquainted with her new older stepbrother, Crest. But their picture-perfect family isn’t at all as it seems. Kenni finds herself in the middle of an undercover mission to eliminate a bioterrorist. When a device gets implanted into her brainstem, she is then forced to share her five senses with another. Not only does Kenni have one stepbrother, but Crest is also a twin.

Seeing Double is a page turner of high stakes and dangerous missions. This why-choose novel takes intimacy to a whole new level. In these pages you’ll travel around the world chasing after a dangerous man with plot twists you’ll never expect.

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