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Slippers and Songs

Brodyr Alarch #1

Publisher: Elemental Publishing
Year of Publication: 2024
Book type: Series
Age: New Adult (16+)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Mythology · Retelling · Romantic Fantasy
Language: English
POV: Third-person
Tense: Past
Key Phrases: Brothers Grimm · Fairytale Retelling · Fantasy · Romance · Welsh Gods
Dance into a world of enchantment with Slippers and Songs. Will Brenin unlock the secret of the curse that binds Tesni, or will she be forever lost in the enchanting echoes of the Otherworld?

In the realm of Holmfirth, far from Melthkior, Princess Tesni finds herself ensnared in a curse that compels her to dance tirelessly through the night. She must navigate a delicate balance between her royal responsibilities and the ceaseless rhythm of her relentless dance. Tesni yearns to be perceived as more than a coveted reward to be claimed for breaking the enchantment.

Summoned by Tesni’s father, Prince Brenin finds himself irresistibly drawn to Tesni’s captivating personality and quiet strength, by the genuine beauty that emanates from her. In the velvety embrace of deepest night, Brenin becomes Tesni’s silent guardian, accompanying her to the realm of the Otherworld. There, he answers riddles posed by the mysterious Taliesin.

Will Brenin uncover the secrets that tether Tesni to her unending dance, winning not only her freedom but also her heart? Will the silent whispers of their burgeoning affection be allowed to grow? Or will Tesni remain forever entwined in the dance of the Otherworld that holds her captive?


Slippers and Songs is a Twelve Dancing Princesses fairytale retelling and the first book in the Brodyr Alarch series, where Brothers Grimm stories entwine with the fascinating mythology of the Welsh Gods.

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