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Souls, Hunters, & Shadows

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Sub Genre: Romance
Language: English
Key Phrases: dark paradise · monster hunters · purgatory
“What a rude indeed! In Souls, the first book in the Shadow World Series, Megan Wolters took us on quite the twisty, intriguing, action filled ride and boy was it a doozy! Without giving any spoilers away I’m going to simply say if you like mysterious stories that make you think and take you down a twisted mine fuller road if the supernatural then definitely take a chance and grab this one today!”
– Spend Wisely – Amazon
Adia unknowingly creates a world of monsters when she strikes a deal with a shadow.

This book is a special edition of the Shadow World trilogy. All scenes from Souls, Hunters, and Shadows have been pieced together in chronological order. This edition may be read first and alone.

A long series of events occur after a Lehranian strikes a deal with a shadow demon, and the wife of an Eternal Guardian suffers the consequences. In retaliation, Lamarse hunts down the shadow who claimed his wife’s soul, leading to Adia’s story after she strikes a deal with the same demon and unknowingly creates a world full of monsters.

This book is read in third point of view with a large cast of characters and covers a long timeline.

Souls, the first book, is told mostly through Adia’s point of view and starts after she loses her memories and gets tricked into selling her soul. Reading the books in release order will reveal plot twists as Adia discovers them.

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