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Squeak (The Asher Chronicles)

Publisher: Slingshot Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Coming of Age · Family · Humour · Low Fantasy · Romance
Language: English
“Ok, so, um… read the book. No really. There’s a talking mouse (hey, that’s not a spoiler… it’s named Squeak for heaven’s sake), but the real star of the show is the camaraderie of the small humans and how they stick together through thick and thin. There’s also a few bullies and a lunch lady, just in case some of you are yearning to relive the horror of public education, but come on… every story has to have an antagonist ;) If you (or more likely, your young mini me) need a good old dose of pre-teen angst with a side helping of happy ending, feel free to give it a read. Plus I really need to see what happens in book two.”
– Edward Gryftkin
A shy, awkward girl. A special mouse. A friendship like no other. Meet Celeste and her friends in long-ago 1984 and follow them on a series of magical, bizarre adventures.

10-year-old Celeste Asher is as shy, quirky, and awkward as they come. After her mother remarries and moves her away from her friends, she finds herself alone and targeted by local bullies known as The Beastly Trio. If that isn’t bad enough, her new stepfather is her fifth-grade teacher.

     One day, using courage she didn’t know she had, Celeste rescues a mouse from being tortured by the same bullies who torment her. Her unexpected bravery is the spark that causes her fellow students to take a second look at the quiet new girl. Her awkwardness is multiplied by an unusual new friend and newly discovered ability- both of which she has no choice but to keep secret.

     This coming-of-age tale, set in 1984, is about a young girl who, with help from a special “little” friend, learns to stand up for herself, develop confidence, make friends, and bond with her stepfather.

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