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Still Life with Lobster: A Love Story

St. James Sisters Collection

Publisher: Oxford House Publications
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel | Series
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Contemporary
Language: English
Key Phrases: beach read · beach romance · Clean Romance · interracial romance · island romance · light-hearted romance · Sweet Romance
“Y’all! THIS BOOK! One of my favorites of the year! … A perfect little summer read, but I would have enjoyed it any season. “
– Books in my Suitcase, IG Book Reviews
Who Knew A Crustacean Could be the Key to Love?

Grab your beach towel and get ready to be swept away along the sandy shores of Michigan in this glittering beach read! From the Emma Award-Winning series that earned her the title of Debut Novelist of the Year, #1 Amazon and Barnes and Noble bestseller Tana Jenkins brings you a quirky, heartwarming tale of love and discovery.

What do life, love and lobsters have in common? None of them move in a straight line. At least not for Dr. Zoey St. James!

Bubbly Zoey, with her green thumbs and passion for all things artsy, was in her last year of residency, primed for a future as vibrant as her sunniest paintings. Until a series of twists upended all of her plans.

Enter, Chase Sunders.

He’s a grumpalicious lawyer who’s grown up in the limelight, but behind his fortress-like guard, he’s hiding a heart the size of a Great Lake.

When Zoey’s assigned to treat his grandmother, a 50s starlet and former Hollywood Diva, sparks fly in the most unexpected ways. And just when she thought that life couldn’t get any more complicated, she learns that Chase, driven by a mix of intentions, commits a jaw-dropping betrayal that leaves her reeling.

Will the gardener and the grump learn that love has a remarkable way of blossoming, even in the trickiest of situations?

Hint: Life, love, and lobsters may not move in a straight line, but Zoey and Chase are about to prove that sometimes the wildest twists lead to the most beautiful destinations!

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